Michael’s Story

When he was just a little boy, Michael was fascinated by cars.
His eyes would light up every time he saw one zoom past him on the road, and he would excitedly call out the make and model of each vehicle to anyone who would listen. His family and friends couldn't believe that a 5-year-old could have such an encyclopaedic knowledge of cars!
Michael Bentwood as a child
Michael Bentwood as a child
Michael Bentwood as a child
As Michael grew older, his love for cars only intensified. He spent countless hours pouring over car magazines, memorising specifications and drooling over sleek designs.
When he was finally old enough, Michael begged his parents to let him try karting. They were hesitant at first, but after seeing how much their son's passion for cars meant to him, they eventually relented.
It didn't take long for Michael to prove that he was a natural behind the wheel. His lightning-fast reflexes and intuitive understanding of the physics of racing put him ahead of the competition, and soon he was winning races left, right and centre.
Years went by, and Michael continued to hone his skills on the track. He moved up from karts to bigger and faster cars, competing in races all over the country. Eventually, Michael caught the eye of a talent scout who saw his potential and offered him a Vauxhall Junior Scholarship.
Michael couldn't believe it – his childhood dream was finally coming true. He knew that he had a long road ahead of him, but he was determined to work hard and make the most of this incredible opportunity. And it had all started with a toy car... 

Relentless drive

After years of successful racing, Michael’s experience led him on a global journey to re-invent international standards in racing and driving events, visiting China, Malaysia and South Korea.

Now his passion for educating others has led him to become a brand ambassador, representing some of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.

Organising and participating in nationwide events is now a core part of Michael’s expertise, meticulously planning every detail to ensure success.
Michael Bentwood

Recognition spanning decades in the racing industry

2nd place in the northern karting championship
awarded a scholarship in the Vauxhall Junior series
Winner of the Spencer Carrington trophy for the highest placed British Formula 3 driver
5 wins for BMW in touring cars
First win for Aston Martin in British GT3
5th Place at the gruelling Merdeka millennium 12-hour race
Michael Bentwood

Going full circle

A proud and nostalgic moment when Michael bumped into the man that gave him his award 22 years previous - Paul Stewart.
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Michael Bentwood